I am wondering what you meant when you said you walked around a rendezvous?

I know what the word rendezvous means but I dont get what you mean when you say you walked around it. Maybe I am just having a dense, caffeine-deprived moment? LOL

About the red beans and rice … we LOVE LOVE LOVE red beans at our house. Down here in south Louisiana they can be quite a delicacy. In fact, I was trying to figure out this morning when I can fit them into the menu this week. DR can make it sound pretty bad, eating beans and rice that is. However around here it is quite the comfort food. In south Louisiana most restaurants have them on the menu every day and most have it as a special on Monday. Usually it is served with some sausage. For those who are eating it as a money saver, you can cut out or reduce the sausage. I use a pound of sausage for each pound of dried beans I cook.

Have fun taking advantage of the Veterans Day specials!

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