I know, I didn’t want to do it!

I was just recently widowed and when I (finally) sold our wheelchair van, I was left with $2,000. That would not have provided me with good enough transportation for the kids and I. I don’t work and I homeschool. I am living off of Social Security after my husband died, and have enough for the car payment (thank God). I could have done without a vehicle, except for the kids. I know we homeschool, but I didn’t want to be stuck here all the time (we are already enough, even with a vehicle!).

I will do my best to pay it off as soon as I can. I was really looking forward to getting that ffef taken care of..since you never know what’s going to happen..

And I always worry that $1000 isn’t enough as a homeowner. Most home repair emergencies probably cost more than that. We are blessed in that I paid off the house years ago, but it is very tight living on SS. I am doing what I can until the littlest is older (she’ll be two soon)…then I will probably go back to work. It would not make sense for me to work right now, and I’d rather be with her than put her in daycare 🙂

Thanks for the input.