There are some pros and cons to mult-level homes

When I was younger I wanted a split level or two story home. Now that I am older and have a multi-level home I wonder what the fascination with it was. All those steps are a hazard for young and old alike. It makes moving furniture around harder, it makes cleaning the house harder, It makes remodeling and repairs harder, and should you ever need assistance in walking it makes much of the house off limits for you. While we plan on keeping this property the idea for ds to build a house is for it to all be on one level and when the time comes dh and I can’t negotiate the twelve sets of steps involved with this house (main level, sunken living/dinning area, upstairs, basement, sunken sunroom, raised porches, balcony…) then ds would take over this house and we’d live in the single level home. But no progress is being made on the single level house at this point due to finances.