I was going to threaten that, but

a) the foundation already knows that I don’t hardly ever leave the property so that threat wouldn’t be taken seriously, and b) I don’t like even suggesting that problems can be solved with bodily harm. After all, if beatings were the answer, wow I’d be sore!

In all seriousness, I think it’s very easy to look at how we have not yet met our goals (which creates a certain amount of frustration), rather than where we have been and where we are now (which can and does create a certain amount of satisfaction). I can get down in the dumps with the very best of ’em, pretty much at the drop of a hat. I wouldn’t quite call myself gazelle intense at the moment, simply because there’s only so much energy to go around any given day, and this place takes a lot of my energy as it is. So yea I get bummed sometimes when I read about how folks are scrounging ways to come up with this-or-that additional source of income, when I’m scraping by just to get through the day. But I’m looking at everything we produce right now in terms of “how much can I sell that for, to knock down that debt a little more?” And I’ll say it right here and now, that it’s taking too damn long for my own preferences. Now that I really understand how deep in I was, it’s a daily disgust that I’m still under water in any respect. I wanted to do something groovy for my 50th birthday, coming up in 2.5 years, and right now I’ll be darned lucky to be out of debt by then. Yea, that frustration gets real high sometimes.

But let’s also give credit where credit is due, no pun intended. Markuzz, you’ve done an amazing job and I think that deserves more recognition than it gets. Besides, if you don’t cheer the heck up, well, I think Jan is gonna trounce you and I’ll be cheering her on. Maybe it’s true what they say about “the kind word and the 2×4 succeed where the kind word alone may fail.” I can come up with kind words all the day long. Jan, I trust you can come up with a 2×4 if needed?????

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