I know that the people I deal with

on a day to day basis (outside my immediate family and this list) always say I dont have enough money to save. Now we all know that even if its a penny or two here and there anyone can save something.

People also cant seem to stand the idea that someone has money in savings. I know it drives THE sil nuts that dh and I are standing guard on dmils savings and keeping it out of sils reach. She has flat said in the past that dmil doesnt need a savings account, that she is in 85 and should be spending it and enjoying it. That she will NEVER need the savings account. That she will never have a medical emergency, or go into a nursing home. It really makes her mad when we point out what weve seen in my own personal experience.

Having been a person who cares for the elderly since I was about 10 years old I can tell you that the elderly ALWAYS need savings. That there is never a guarantee that they wont need additional health care, whether it be in their own home or a nursing home. We cant get her to understand is all it takes is one, or several mini, strokes to leave a person in the fetal position needing round the clock care the rest of their life?my Grandmother Poyner. One day too long out in the sun to develop skin cancer and need cancer treatment for the rest of their life?my grandfather Poyner. One slip and fall in the bathroom to get a broken back and end up spending your final days in a nursing home?my Grandmother Cumine, the list goes on and on. These three were all older than 85 when it happened.

Sil replies that shell take care of dmil no matter what, so the savings isnt needed. Yeah right, she doesnt even give her the daily meds shes suppose to take now. Plus, those meds can get VERY expensive?See Grandpa Poyner. So well keep guarding the money, as little as it is. It will at least get her some help when she needs it.

As for shooting for 3 mil, Im for it, but at age 62, dh 65, it might be a little tougher for us to get there LOL!

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