One more idea to add to Jan’s make it yourself list:

Make you own breakfast griddle sandwiches:

2 mini pancakes with a egg, slice of cheese, and you choice of breakfast meat (sausage patty, bacon, or canadian ham)

I bought a muffin top pan off amazon that I use to bake the mini pancakes and eggs to make it go quick.

For the eggs–I just scramble them and pour into the greased pan.

I can make 12 sandwiches in less than a half hour.

Once baked—wrap in wax paper and freeze or refrigerate until needed.

These are my college kids favorite “one the go” breakfast.

P.S. Cost breakdown– $1.00 for pancake ingredients, $4.00 for sausage patties, and $1.00 for eggs and $1.00 for cheese—total cost of $7.00 for 12 sandwiches with leftover ingredients….

P.S.S. I make some with just sausage—some with sausage and egg…..some with sausage, egg, and cheese….and sometimes….bacon, egg, and cheese….all varieties are loved by the college kids and hubs!