First for my homework

Ill report on the craft show Saturday. It was a big success. It was on par with the one the previous Saturday as far as financial success. We got to meet lots of people and make some contacts with other business people. I got to suggest to an agent that she consider using my coasters as housewarming gifts for clients. She is adding me to her e-mail list and is going to recommend me to her co-workers. Now, just so you know we are not getting rich from this but we are going from the red to the black. Of course we have cash flowed this and will be paying ourselves back.thewall
I have one more craft show this season and its this coming Saturday. It is a school fund raiser for Riverdale Christian Academy in Baton Rouge. If any of you are in the area, I hope youll come by and introduce yourselves. I know some people in attendance will be buying Christmas gifts because I have read it on facebook.
I have also paid a few bills on the home front. I need to get buy the bank and pay the mortgage and need to send another bill by mail.