May I be the first to say “but at least now you HAVE income!”

I swear, Eldred, you’re giving my husband a run for the money for title Chief Stormcloud! You’re employed! You saved your house! You got out of the unemployment rut and now you’re on your way again! If you never have $3 mill in savings, and “only” get up to some lower amount in savings, you’re still WAY ahead of the majority of the nation! C’mon now! Surely there’s something in there to celebrate!

That is correct and BOTH sides are angered by his proposed budget

Lets not forget that many of those on Capitol Hill are in the upper income bracket and for them to vote for such a thing would be self destructive.
We are striving to get debt free asap, touching very little of what we can already draw on and have a game plan in place to live off of just the interest as long as possible. Now if someone will just kill Markuuuz, well be able to follow through on it.

Follow on to 2 books

Since most of garden is in the front yard, ive decided i’m going to grow a plant just “for seed” in a back yard space. Largely because the broccoli looked so scraggly after it flowered, it was so huge. So i figure if i have just one section of the backyard or even in pots growing just from seed it will keep the yard police off my doorstep.