Well yes and no

The events are scheduled, there are local events?generally just on weekends, national events can be 2 weeks or longer and international events. These are put on by various clubs ie: Commanche Peak Muzzleloaders is one that comes to mind. The national Muzzleloaders, state parks (like the one this weekend), museums (Ft. Bridger) and similar organizations.

Word of a voo is spread by word of mouth, flyers, Muzzleloader magazine, and various buckskinning websites and newsletters. You generally know a year or so ahead of time when one will be. I have/had several friends who traveled year round doing nothing but voo and earned their living do it. I traveled full time one year with my kids when they were out of school for the summer and with friends when they were in school. The rest of the time I did weekenders and 1-2 nationals a year.

When we first started doing it Ft. Washita (state park) and Wooloroc (a museum) paid us to come and set-up. Now a days there are camping fees, traders fees and in some camps Ive heard rumors there are now fees to enter the events.

The events include tomahawk throwing, fire starting (no matches allowed?even though Lucifers did exist during that time period) and yes I can start a fire with a piece of steel and a hunk of flint. Skillet toss, all sorts of black powder shooting events?I love watching candle shoots (you try to shoot the flame off the candle without touching the candle itself?some of those guys are REALLY good), Mountain man runs (kind of a historic iron man run), cannon shoots ( my kids LOVED the candy cannons?hard candy was shot out of the barrel instead of the usual wadding and cannon ball) and much more.

Big encampments generally have seminars on doing the early American crafts too. I gave lessons on Inkle Loom weaving, cord making with a lucet, needle tatting, clothes making, and the most fun of all?how to play early American games like Jacobs ladder, marbles, and similar games.

Kids are safe in camp because everyone in camp is their mom and dad if a child is seen with someone not familiar to the camp every skinner they pass will ask where the child is going and who their friend is. If even one parent felt the least bit hinky about something the child would be detained until their actual parent could be located and it was verified the person was a safe person for them to be with. Many of the kids are home schooled. My kids grew up in voo. While they attended public school they got their true education by traveling to all the historical sites we visited in the course of running the circuit for 15 years.