This last week was pretty quiet here at home

Dh worked 2 hours overtime every day this week, and ds was in Calument, OK doing a walk down all week. It gave me time to do some deep cleaning, lots of bean cooking (we only actually ate bean meals twice because of leftovers that were still in the fridge from previous meals)?more beans to come LOL!
I managed to make small extra payments on the Best Buy account, but its still very near the $1,800 mark?driving me NUTS! I want that sucker GONE!
Ds came home for the weekend, but we barely saw him because dh and I went out to walk around a rendezvous that was less than 30 miles from our home hoping to see some old friends. Only one of the grey beards we knew was there, but we chatted with him awhile about old times. Hes been considering stopping voo too because so many of our friends have gone on to their reward.
It was a bittersweet day, we talked about those who were gone, and the young bucks coming up and of course the good and bad times of the 15 years wed vooed together. Walking Stick said we should have gone to Wooloroc voo two weeks earlier because what was left of most of our friends were there. Maybe well visit the spring one there.
Dh and I agreed while we miss our friends, the fun and atmosphere of voo we most certainly do not miss all the work of setting up and especially tearing down of camp or being subjected to all the variables of the weather. Far better to camp in our tin tipi and just visit with friends when we stumble upon a voo.
This week looks to be much as the same as last week. I made another small payment on BB this morning first thing (Im trying to pay SOMETHING every 3-4 days) I shoved the guys out the door early, dh to Tulsa, ds back to Calument. Ill spend the day working on my candle cupboard most likely. Yes, I know a candle cupboard? Its a small 2 shelved cabinet that I keep all my candles, candle sticks and such in. Its actually in pretty good condition, but Im thinking there are some votive cups I never use in there that could go and Im in a deep cleaning sort of mood.
Cold weather is suppose to hit here tomorrow, so the fireplace preparation is on my agenda for the day today as well. Weve only needed two fires so far this fall and they were basically to take the chill off the air inside. Serious colder weather is headed our way now.
Tonight we are taking advantage of the Veterans Day specials at the restaurants and going to go out for dinner where dh can eat free and I can eat on the seniors menu. It wont be quite as cheap as a bean supper, but hey it will be a change of pace. LOL! Tomorrow has Red Beans and Rice on its menu.
So while we look forward to being debt free we also looked back at all the good friends, many of which were Veterans like dh, this last week.