Glad to hear from you

I knew we had someone in that area, but couldn’t remember who. Very thankful you and yours are all safe. Jhon who was out of state when the OKC terrorist attack happened and was in panic mode until she found ds who was suppose to be in OKC that day to perform a concert.

I know, I didn’t want to do it!

I was just recently widowed and when I (finally) sold our wheelchair van, I was left with $2,000. That would not have provided me with good enough transportation for the kids and I. I don’t work and I homeschool. I am living off of Social Security after my husband died, and have enough for the car payment (thank God). I could have done without a vehicle, except for the kids. I know we homeschool, but I didn’t want to be stuck here all the time (we are already enough, even with a vehicle!).

I will do my best to pay it off as soon as I can. I was really looking forward to getting that ffef taken care of..since you never know what’s going to happen..

And I always worry that $1000 isn’t enough as a homeowner. Most home repair emergencies probably cost more than that. We are blessed in that I paid off the house years ago, but it is very tight living on SS. I am doing what I can until the littlest is older (she’ll be two soon)…then I will probably go back to work. It would not make sense for me to work right now, and I’d rather be with her than put her in daycare 🙂

Thanks for the input.

I went to pick up our flooring

and the Guy has a 12 ft 1 1/2 inch thick butcher new block countertops. Now I LOVE butcher block! I had decided against it because it’s expensive. It was special order, cherry and the exact size I needed. It had been hit by a fort lift. I bought it for $200 and it retails for $850! We drug it home. I borrowed some clamps and glued it. It looks like new. I am so over the moon. Old me would have not even noticed a broke counter. After hanging with you all I thought I can fix that LOL

Ummmm, I’ve been asleep, sorry guys

I was up late due to my cough and so I slept in. The earthquakes were at Luther, which Is about 2 hours south of me near the Oklahoma City/Edmond area. It’s an area we were in a lot the 18 months we were on the road, but we’ve not been there in two years. They were shallow quakes and according to the reports I’ve read there was no real damage.

Thanks for checking on me, sorry to worry you guys.


We live in a 1100 sq ft apartment and we are out space with only 3 of us adults. Soon to be 4 (little guy), but we plan to move when our lease is up in September. Babies tend to have enough stuff that you have to find room for it somehow.

I stole a bunch of ideas off the tiny house blogs

We took two closets out making more floor space. We replaced them with wall storage. We took down a weight bearing wall and replaced it with a beam. It made the kitchen, living room and dining one huge room instead of 3 tiny ones. It wasn’t that hard and it doubled our living space. We added more windows to make it feel bigger
I love it. It always reminds me of the song Little houses by Doug Stone.;)

There are some pros and cons to mult-level homes

When I was younger I wanted a split level or two story home. Now that I am older and have a multi-level home I wonder what the fascination with it was. All those steps are a hazard for young and old alike. It makes moving furniture around harder, it makes cleaning the house harder, It makes remodeling and repairs harder, and should you ever need assistance in walking it makes much of the house off limits for you. While we plan on keeping this property the idea for ds to build a house is for it to all be on one level and when the time comes dh and I can’t negotiate the twelve sets of steps involved with this house (main level, sunken living/dinning area, upstairs, basement, sunken sunroom, raised porches, balcony…) then ds would take over this house and we’d live in the single level home. But no progress is being made on the single level house at this point due to finances.

Another suggestion

I would have is check with the various real estate departments of banks such as BOA, Wells Fargo etc and ask them who they close the most deals with, who they have found to be the most professional in timely closures, working with their clients etc. We use this approach any time we are looking to purchase something, get a repair etc. After all the professionals KNOW what products last the longest and who gives the best service.

I am wondering what you meant when you said you walked around a rendezvous?

I know what the word rendezvous means but I dont get what you mean when you say you walked around it. Maybe I am just having a dense, caffeine-deprived moment? LOL

About the red beans and rice … we LOVE LOVE LOVE red beans at our house. Down here in south Louisiana they can be quite a delicacy. In fact, I was trying to figure out this morning when I can fit them into the menu this week. DR can make it sound pretty bad, eating beans and rice that is. However around here it is quite the comfort food. In south Louisiana most restaurants have them on the menu every day and most have it as a special on Monday. Usually it is served with some sausage. For those who are eating it as a money saver, you can cut out or reduce the sausage. I use a pound of sausage for each pound of dried beans I cook.

Have fun taking advantage of the Veterans Day specials!