Payday Loan Benefits

In case you encounter one of those financial emergencies where you need to gain quick access to a small amount of cash and payday is still a few days away – what do you do? For some, borrowing money from a friend or a family member is an embarrassing option. You may want to consider taking on a fast cash loan with a commercial bank – but the application process for this is tedious and time-consuming.

The one other option that you may want to consider is to apply for a payday advance loan. As the name implies, this is a short-term loan which is typically paid back on the borrower’s next payday. It works in such a way that after submitting an online application, your loan will be up for approval.

As soon as it is approved, the funds that you borrowed will be automatically credited to your bank account. The same process applies on the date that the loan is due – where your lender will deduct the debt, plus the interest and fees, from your bank account.

A Multitude of Benefits from Payday Cash Advance Loans

So what are the benefits that a borrower can get to enjoy when taking on a payday advance loan? Take a look at the following list:

1.With a payday loan, you do not need to stay in debt for a very long time. Usually, this type of a short-term loan lasts for 15 to 45 days, depending on when your next payday is due.

2.There is no need for you to undergo credit checking. In fact, there are even some lenders which offer a no fax payday loan option – so you don’t need to fax over supporting documents just so that your loan can be approved.

3.There is no collateral required, and the approval process is quick, easy and hassle-free. This is unlike taking on a loan with a bank where you need to deal with a mountain of paperwork, the approval process takes several weeks – and you are not even sure if the loan will be approved or not.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits that borrowers can get to enjoy when taking on USA payday loans, which is one of the reasons why it remains to be one of the most popular financial products up to this day.

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In all seriousness, I think it’s very easy to look at how we have not yet met our goals (which creates a certain amount of frustration), rather than where we have been and where we are now (which can and does create a certain amount of satisfaction). I can get down in the dumps with the very best of ’em, pretty much at the drop of a hat. I wouldn’t quite call myself gazelle intense at the moment, simply because there’s only so much energy to go around any given day, and this place takes a lot of my energy as it is. So yea I get bummed sometimes when I read about how folks are scrounging ways to come up with this-or-that additional source of income, when I’m scraping by just to get through the day. But I’m looking at everything we produce right now in terms of “how much can I sell that for, to knock down that debt a little more?” And I’ll say it right here and now, that it’s taking too damn long for my own preferences. Now that I really understand how deep in I was, it’s a daily disgust that I’m still under water in any respect. I wanted to do something groovy for my 50th birthday, coming up in 2.5 years, and right now I’ll be darned lucky to be out of debt by then. Yea, that frustration gets real high sometimes.

But let’s also give credit where credit is due, no pun intended. Markuzz, you’ve done an amazing job and I think that deserves more recognition than it gets. Besides, if you don’t cheer the heck up, well, I think Jan is gonna trounce you and I’ll be cheering her on. Maybe it’s true what they say about “the kind word and the 2×4 succeed where the kind word alone may fail.” I can come up with kind words all the day long. Jan, I trust you can come up with a 2×4 if needed?????

May I be the first to say “but at least now you HAVE income!”

I swear, Eldred, you’re giving my husband a run for the money for title Chief Stormcloud! You’re employed! You saved your house! You got out of the unemployment rut and now you’re on your way again! If you never have $3 mill in savings, and “only” get up to some lower amount in savings, you’re still WAY ahead of the majority of the nation! C’mon now! Surely there’s something in there to celebrate!

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Lets not forget that many of those on Capitol Hill are in the upper income bracket and for them to vote for such a thing would be self destructive.
We are striving to get debt free asap, touching very little of what we can already draw on and have a game plan in place to live off of just the interest as long as possible. Now if someone will just kill Markuuuz, well be able to follow through on it.

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Voluntary Repo

We recently returned our car to the finance company in a Voluntary Repo and the finance company (Credit Acceptance) told us that they will try to sell it at Auction then we would owe the difference. Can anyone tell me if we negotiate a reduced settlement agreement on the balance after auction?
Well, it wouldn’t cost you anything to ASK for a reduced settlement. Get money from inc, so you might re-iterate your financial problems (after all, you wouldn’t have turned the thing back if if you could AFFORD it). You might also mention that you’re trying to avoid having to declare bankruptcy. That’s not a lie – you ARE trying to avoid bankruptcy. And you’re not telling them that you WILL file BK. But that puts a thought in their mind that if they push TOO hard, they might not get ANYTHING.

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dbil said hed look into moving dmil in with him, but THE sil refuses to accept any form of communication from any of the siblings. None of us have the money for a long court battle, so dbil is looking into other avenues he knows about.

As for the house? Who knows? Dh doesnt think there was ever a house because sil is known for making up scenarios to just get money to spend on a whim elsewhere. We dont expect to hear shes done anything else until about Oct. You can pretty well set your calendar by her money grabs. Late Feb/early Mar every year, and then again late Oct/early Nov. The broker has not heard another peep out of her.

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One might be able to move things off shore ? but its stupid to have to jump through hoops to keep the governments greedy hands off ones RETIREMENT. Obama and his government should cut spending, not try every means to get their hands on peoples money.

Its been theorized that retirement savings would be the next thing to be taxed, didnt take long.

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on a day to day basis (outside my immediate family and this list) always say I dont have enough money to save. Now we all know that even if its a penny or two here and there anyone can save something.

People also cant seem to stand the idea that someone has money in savings. I know it drives THE sil nuts that dh and I are standing guard on dmils savings and keeping it out of sils reach. She has flat said in the past that dmil doesnt need a savings account, that she is in 85 and should be spending it and enjoying it. That she will NEVER need the savings account. That she will never have a medical emergency, or go into a nursing home. It really makes her mad when we point out what weve seen in my own personal experience.

Having been a person who cares for the elderly since I was about 10 years old I can tell you that the elderly ALWAYS need savings. That there is never a guarantee that they wont need additional health care, whether it be in their own home or a nursing home. We cant get her to understand is all it takes is one, or several mini, strokes to leave a person in the fetal position needing round the clock care the rest of their life?my Grandmother Poyner. One day too long out in the sun to develop skin cancer and need cancer treatment for the rest of their life?my grandfather Poyner. One slip and fall in the bathroom to get a broken back and end up spending your final days in a nursing home?my Grandmother Cumine, the list goes on and on. These three were all older than 85 when it happened.

Sil replies that shell take care of dmil no matter what, so the savings isnt needed. Yeah right, she doesnt even give her the daily meds shes suppose to take now. Plus, those meds can get VERY expensive?See Grandpa Poyner. So well keep guarding the money, as little as it is. It will at least get her some help when she needs it.

As for shooting for 3 mil, Im for it, but at age 62, dh 65, it might be a little tougher for us to get there LOL!